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How did this Zoom group begin? After I purchased Family Historian, I looked on the Calico Pie website for Tutorial videos. There were only a few and they seemed to me to be mostly about charts and diagrams. After a lot of discussion on the Groups.io site. where lots seemed to want such a resource I rashly, as I'd never used Zoom, started this Zoom Group  ... We started with 20 and now have over 100 members,

(Derek Heritage - Full story can be read in the Blog)


If you are a beginner with Family Historian or want to leaarn more, why not join us?  contact:

1] To help members understand how to use the many features of Family Historian.
2] To help members learn how to research and validate their Family History.
3] To look at ways to assist in the recording of information by using additional programs, i.e. Ancestral Sources, Spreadsheets, ORA, Websites etc..


What members say:
I wanted to send you a note of thanks for this user group and all the resources. - Terry, USA
I wish I had known sooner that this group was starting up - David, Canada
Thank you very much for setting up this group for us users of Family Historian. You and your amazing team of helpers freely share your time and knowledge with us. The recordings are a brilliant resource - Sioban, U.K.

I look forward to viewing future webinars. They are typically excellent - Gary, Canada
I am so glad you started this group. I get so much from the zoom sessions, even the ones that are way above my ability level. - Eileen, UK



Some have asked about making Additional Donations. If you would like to do so, click here